Capturing Moments 

While traveling, I paint plein air to capture fleeting moments in time. It typically takes 2-3 hours for the initial block or the design of the painting where I determine values and make preliminary color notes later to be finished to a lesser or greater extent in the studio.

In addition to finishing plein air paintings in the studio, I paint still lifes. My subjects range from sometimes ordinary items like lemons straight from the tree, or a favorite pitcher or dish. I adore flowers, their petal patterns, luscious color, and what happens when light hits the petals or leaves. Sometimes I explore different surfaces like shiny metal, dull iron or translucent glass and the subtle interplay of color and light refraction.

The INSPIRATIONS for these moments are many:

⁃ fog and the chill of encroaching air and still water at a harbor
⁃ sun glinting off a rock’s surface as the sun’s rays hits a cliff wall
⁃ the movement of flowers, their petals, stems, leaves and the shadows they create
⁃ light as it traces the contours of a face, eyes or nose and turns into shadow partially obscuring some features
⁃ the gesture and energy of a tree’s branches or trunk as it leans into light, and the accompanying shadows crossing the road.

Ultimately to paint is to share and make a connection.

Oh and yes the paintings are for sale. Please send me an email to stay in touch or to inquire about purchasing a painting.